Love me some Facebook

Lots of great material to share. Lots of opportunity to comment. Even had a back and forth with someone that I’d rather not have had, but c’est la vie. Did it…and done.

When I started with social media a few years back, I really had no idea where it would lead. Sure, it was great reconnecting with people I hadn’t seen or spoken to since grade school. It was, and still is, a hoot to see where all of us have gone and what we’ve become. I absolutely love the number of people who love their country, are patriots in their own way, and that so many can have civil discourse about issues on which they don’t see eye to eye. No, it’s not a perfect environment, but we all acknowledge that.

The downside, if you want to call it that, was that I thought of myself as a private person. Someone asked me once “Mongo, how come you never tell us anything about yourself?” My first thought, left unspoken, was “Because I don’t trust you.” This spoke more to the fact that I really didn’t know well the people I worked with, being yet in the first year or so of a new career. The point here is my life has always been my business and none of their business. I’m still that way, somewhat, but have learned to open up a bit. It’s scary entrusting people with your history, with your dreams, and, most especially, with your fears.

Having become accustomed to Facebook, I moved on to Twitter and this blog. Actually, my second move was a pleasant coincidental discovery of a blog. Wow. Have to take a moment here because the blog’s host died earlier this year in a tragic mishap. Damn. Wasn’t expecting this. Still tear up thinking about how much I miss him. Neptunus Lex – As fine an individual as you could ever meet, although we never met in person. Lex made blogging a real experience for so many people, and what he did for us, provided for us, we started doing also. We opened up. We started a blog.

Talk about unlocking the door to your life. What do you do with a blog, if not share your thoughts? Certainly, there’s kind of anonymity in blogging, or can be if you never release any particulars about your life. The challenge for anyone, not just private individuals who have never shared much, is that something is bound to escape about…you! Oh, dear God. No Way! I’m not sharing me! What are you, nuts?

Remember about the mama Eagle kicking her young out of the nest, so they can learn to fly? Whether it was Lex or some inner creature screaming for release, I either kicked myself or got kicked out of the nest. David Wood over at Empower Network (You’ll have to look it up on your own…WordPress has a hard on for EN) likened some of what we do to a rope swing he experiences in Costa Rica. It’s kind of like a zip line ride, only you’re tied to a rope attached between a pair of 200 foot trees. The cool part? Scary actually…you drop 40 feet before the rope ‘catches’ you and swings you back and forth between the trees. Guys, can you imagine your boys crawling up into their sockets? Yup. Me too. Ladies, we’ll spare you the indignity and not ask…

Social media…rope swing with a 40′ drop. A lot alike. I’m going to put up a blogroll in the next day or so, giving you some of the folks I know who blog…it’s that whole back links thing you may have heard about. Now that I know about them, they’re a great share point.

So here I am. Digging it and looking forward to the future. There’s so much to say, so much to share, so much to observe and learn. Sometimes a chance to let slip by a comment looking for a place to blow up into an argument. A lot like life. Huh?

See you ‘out there’ and here. (Which is simply “there without a ‘T’. Ask Bill Clinton to explain it to you. He’d love the opportunity. 😛 )