Be forewarned. Mount Pellier Merlot 2011. Bottle’s half full, so there’s my optimism for the day.

I do a lot of Facebook these days, but that tends to leave out folks who don’t, and I miss those who don’t. Maybe I should swear off ever coming back to this place, but some days I see something that really gets my goat. Then I think of the non-FB crowd and the myriad views of life. So, here, after a long absence, is one of my seemingly futile outbursts.

Where we go dropping bombs and blowing corners off of buildings…again

Then, there’s an ad going around on FB with the following: “After every act of terror, we are told we should not judge all Muslims on the acts of a few.” The ad goes on to say we should give 80 million gun owners the same treatment.

Look, we’re talking apples and oranges here. If a bunch of thugs comes up and repeatedly attacks you, are you NOT going to adjudge them as being worthy of retribution? Are you not going to become suspicious of the whole who harbor the few? Preaching to the choir but, 80 million gun owners are the descendants of those called to serve in times past.

At what point are we going to cut the bullshit and deal with Middle Eastern based terrorism (code words for Islamic Extremists bent on destroying us) in a manner appropriate with dealing with thugs?

I get it that ISIS is somewhat important, that they go around killing Christians (which, that’s a first. Yah?) I get it that Hamas, Al Qaeda, and the Tollybon (Ask Barry. It’s his word. Sounds like the name of a candy to me.) are forces to be dealt with.

What I don’t get is why on God’s Green Earth (Has anybody trademarked that, by the way? If not, lemme know. We could make a profit…), we choose to deal with such vermin in such a candy-ass manner. We lob a few bombs. We shoot a few missiles. Meanwhile, we have Islam spreading its wings in our cities, demanding their RIGHT to be among us. The religion of peace, coming among us. More like, coming at us.

Hitler: Waxed his ass, and the whole of the Nazi movement, with a full on no-quarter war. Took us a little over three and half years. Unconditional Surrender.

Tojo: Same shit, different theater.

Fast forward to Korea. “Limited Warfare” The concept makes reason stare. We fiddle fucked around for three years, and came away with what? A “Cease Fire” with a hermit kingdome led by succeeding “Gangnam” types who give us endless cause for worry. God God Amighty! (Robin, check on that one. Will ya?)

Vietnam. We fiddle fucked around for how many years, and came away with what?

Iraq. We fiddle fucked around for how many years, and came away with what?

Afghanistan. We fiddle fucked around for how many years, and came away with what?

Back to Iraq, only this time with ISIS. We’re gonna fiddle fuck around for how many years, and come away with what?

Islam in America. (Update: I was just going to leave this to the reader’s imagination, but…) What shall we do? Headline news: Justice Kagan performs her first same sex marriage. How’s that for focus, America?

Ever been to Budapest? I have. You should go there sometime. It’s a lovely city, full of beauty. There are, however, reminders of pestilences past. Among those pestilences, one will find reminders of Islam. Yes, there are bullet holes in numerous buildings from the days of Communist occupation. Nevertheless, what was significant for me was an ancient Catholic cathedral, one that had been taken over by Muslims from Turkey and defaced in the name of Islam. It struck me then that Islam does NOT place nicely with others. They booted the Catholics from their own place of worship. The Catholics, to their credit, left some of the Islamic ‘remodeling’ once they came back. They weren’t vindictive or malicious, but chose to play nicely in a Christian sort of way.

We see Islam in a place like England, and we see the attendant strife of Islam seeking to supplant what has been around for generations. Oh, and they’re not very nice about it either. Over time I have discovered that Islam is like a cancer. Either you kill it, or it will consume the body. We know how that last part ends. Painfully. Sadly. Leaving those around it filled with regret. Consider this, that we spend a ginormous amount of money to eradicate cancer.

Why the fuck should we do any differently with a so called religion that seeks to take us over or kill us? Why should we deal in half measures with a foe sworn to eradicate us?

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One Response to Be forewarned. Mount Pellier Merlot 2011. Bottle’s half full, so there’s my optimism for the day.

  1. I’m all for peace, lack of war. However, when it’s time for war, it’s best to be serious about it, and go all out, and accomplish the goal!

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