God, Guns, and Chick-Fil-A

God, Guns, and Chick-Fil-A is in the news lately

Over at DATech guy’s blog, a matter of do we trust or not? Guns and Chick-Fil-A being given much voice in the public domain of late, one has to wonder in whom we trust these days?

I have heard a lot of people on the left self righteously complain that conservatives are unwilling to agree to “common sense gun control” that we are unreasonable fanatics who would oppose restrictions on the ownership of Sherman Tanks.

Most of all; we are totally wrong to believe that the left is after our guns just because of the proposed assault weapon ban.

Why would we have such a belief, how can the folks on the right even think we on the left are after their guns, all their guns?

The answer: Chick-Fil-A

Twenty years ago there was nobody NOBODY nationally who was pushing the idea of gay marriage. If Bill Clinton had come out for Gay Marriage in 1992 he would have lost 49 states.

Then came the VT Supreme Court ruling requiring civil partnerships.

First off, “common sense gun control”?

Really, Chucky Schumer? As I recall from Grade school, the Second Amendment was about common sense and gun control being a given trait of the people, not something exercised on their behalf by a tyrannical benevolent government. You really think this an appropriate place and time to surreptitiously insert an amendment about gun control into legislation. Looking to sneak it in behind America’s back, so to speak? Sorry, bucko, but some of us did notice.

What an apropos comparison between the Left’s America’s Socialists attempts over the years to subvert American policy from DOMA to “Gay is the norm”. Someone asked me on Facebook the other day if’n I had something against Gays? Me? Nope. Got lots of Gay friends, and I support their right to live as they please. What I do not support is their right to subvert our way of life to their whims and fancies. Case in point? Try California’s two attempts to legislate into law marriage as being between a man and a woman. Overwhelmingly passed on both occasions and signed into law, the Gay crowd decided that wasn’t okay with them and enlisted a Gay Judge to overturn the law as being unconstitutional. We see it now, again rather, with Chick-Fil-A. A privately owned corporation takes a stand, somebody doesn’t like it, and now the Courts are supposed to decide whether private citizens and their corporations are free to say and do as they please? Wow…sounds more Marxist than Constitutionalist, if you ask me.

Look. Living a Gay lifestyle is a freedom most straight folks aren’t of a mind to abrogate, but, conversely, the same cannot be said about the Gay community. They DEMAND, they don’t ask for or vote into law as a majority, the right to get married. Hmm. Then explain for me, please, what happened to that whole plural marriage thing? Remember the Mormons? What about their rights? What about religious freedom? Ask the Mormons what they did after plural marriage was prohibited by law. Answer: they abolished the practice and excommunicated those who refused to abide by the law. They taught their members to honor and obey the law. Strange notion, innit?

When were Gays ever threatened with disenfranchisement, or did they have the United States Army sent after them? How come the Federal law prohibiting plural marriage has not been overturned? Geez, you want to be all about fairness and equality. Yes? Then go to Arizona and Utah, and engage in conversation those who have to live in hiding because of their belief in plural marriage. Ask about the Mormons who fled to Mexico because the separation of church and state was suspended just this one time. Ask them what it’s like to be denied familial benefits and recognition under the law.

Then, ask them what they think about Gay marriage. That last one might not go over well, because how they answer will probably be more of a Chick-Fil-A kind of answer.

All this, and more, in a year of Presidential election and really sucky economy…quickly becoming second fiddle to important matters like Chick-Fil-A. Or not. Go read the Guns and Chick-Fil-A post, and let it kick around your brain cells.
Update: I knew there was another company facing a similar battle, only this time it is the Federal government

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2 Responses to God, Guns, and Chick-Fil-A

  1. Justthisguy says:

    I voted against the “Gay Marriage” thing when it came up in FL. My side prevailed. I think this is a categorical, definitional thing. It would be hard to convince me that marriage is not a contract between a man and a woman for the protection of the children they produce, and for the protection and conservation of their joint property.

    • Mongo says:

      My biggest issue with Gay marriage isn’t about whether or not they can get married, but is with the outright chicanery involved in how they went about having a lawfully instituted law struck down in California by a Judge with an agenda; he is GAY! If that wasn’t a prejudicial ruling, then I don’t know what is!

      That’s how so much of what is Gay oriented is being handled these days, with chicanery and an outright disregard for the constituted rule of law. Any Court that will tolerate such an environment is putting the entire judicial system on the slippery slope, where any special interest group can circumvent the law by getting a Judge who’s on their side to rule in their case. At such a point the Courts cease to be venues of justice, and revert, instead, to something akin to the halls of Congress where Lobbyists bear sway on matters of importance.

      Justice Scalia just remarked that the Second Amendment may see some further restrictions placed on it in the near future, because language of 1800’s indicates there were restrictions on weapons of the day. I take issue with his statement because the framers of the Constitution were not men to glibly word anything, and took great pains to very carefully express what they intended in each article. As a broad case in point the Federalist Papers cover many of the points of the Constitution, expressing very clearly the framers intentions and concerns.

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