Somehow, something humor or business oriented doesn’t seem appropriate in this moment

A 24 year old walking, talking, societal dung beetle decided last night that he would make everybody’s day. I cannot even begin to imagine what drives a creature such as James Holmes to do what he did…murder 12, including small children, and leave another 59 injured.

At one blog, friend Andy posted:

I’ll let all those in the “mental health industry” try and give us reasons for this act of egregious brutality. Sometimes, crazy is just plain crazy.  Because of that crazy, lives have ended and other lives have unalterably changed forever. Other than that, I got nothing.

I got nothin’ either, but contempt and a baseball bat in the corner. I see small children every single day. Yesterday on the bus going downtown, a young mother with her small daughter and an infant. Mother and daughter having a good time together, while the infant slept. I treasure that memory.

Laura Ingraham put up a short blog post earlier, and I’d like to share it here:

If the President chooses to fly to Colorado to address the community as it process its grief, I hope he will consider making a similar plea for order and healing in his hometown of Chicago. Gang and drug-related violence have sent the city spiraling out of control this summer. So far this month, 27 were murdered in the city, with last month’s killing of 7-year-old Heaven Sutton especially heart-breaking. We have a values crisis in this country, not a “gun crisis.” A polluted popular culture where rampant promiscuity and gratuitous violence are everywhere. Families without strong male role models present. Girls who demean themselves sexually in order to be popular. Men who treat women as property to be used and discarded. Faith under attack by government institutions and politicians who prefer that Washington be our favorite place of worship. We can and must do better. The carnage in our society today extends far beyond a movie theater in Aurora.

We do indeed have a value crisis in this country, not a gun or anything else crisis. I won’t enumerate the many things that steer people away from values of common sense and decency. The nation, as a whole, screams and begs for a return to Mayberry, with guys like Sheriff Andy and Deputy Barney walking the street. The nation, as a whole, needs to be reminded that WE are the ones responsible for making it happen. Parents, a polluted popular culture…

where rampant promiscuity and gratuitous violence are everywhere

is largely controllable at home. Men, how do you measure up? Are you leading your family? Are you the role model for your wife and children? Women, are you teaching your children proper principles? No, I’m not going to tell you what those principles are…or should be. You already know what they are. The real question is, what are you doing with those principles?

Government cannot give us back Mayberry. Government helped get us away from Mayberry in the first place. Religion cannot get us back to Mayberry. Religion cannot mostly because those who attend church haven’t followed the principles they were taught. Mayberry starts at home. Society starts at home. Civility starts at home. James Holmes turned into a societal dung beetle at home. He got it there, and there’ll be none of parents blaming society. He is who he is because he failed to get who he should have been at home. Period.

Colorado, the nation feels your pain. Chicago, you’re too busy hiding behind a facade, or we’d feel your pain too. America, are you hiding your pain and blaming others for it?

Getting a group of people together to create a new town called Mayberry won’t make it so. We simply need to focus on creating Mayberry right where we are. One household at a time…

Be Andy. Be Aunt Bee. Be Opie. Be Mayberry.

I’ll start with me.

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One Response to Somehow, something humor or business oriented doesn’t seem appropriate in this moment

  1. oldafsarge says:

    Well put brother, well put. It’s gotta start in the home, or it just won’t take.

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