Whereupon, having completed the 56th orbit of Mother Earth…

we celebrate the event. We are grateful for having survived the journey. We know not what comes next, but we anticipate there being more challenges. {sigh} Ohhhh dear. When the half century mark came upon us, we were glad and we celebrated. “Oh, that this might be the half way point!” we declared. Now, six years down the road, we question the wisdom and exuberance of such a proclamation. While there have been good days aplenty, there seems to have been an increasing number of “Dude. Really?” days. Maybe it’s a sign of the times. Who knows. These days I’m just glad to lay down at the end of it all and get some rest. There are increasing signs of existential living in places where previously we enjoyed peaceful coexistence, all of which resulting from a superannuated mortal vessel.

To say I’m grateful for family and friends near and far on such an occasion is to understate things a tad. To have friends, in my case, is to be entertained, mostly by the amusing things they (we) have to say to one another. We celebrate life’s victories together, we mourn together, we pray for one another, and we do our level best to keep one other honest; that last virtue being invaluable in my tiny little world.

So, no spectacular party, no journey to a far-away exotic place, or anything of the like. Just a simple observance that today begins the golden year, where the age matches the year born. We’ll see what it has to bring.

One will note the hour of publishing, it having significance. This would be the hour and minute where Mongo came aboard with an OK3 underlined, following much proclamation and encouragement of Paddles. Upon rolling to a stop, Mother uttered a sigh of relief and secured from flight delivery quarters.

Ah, now see? Darkness has fallen, and like many creatures, the urge to enter a state of nocturnal slumber suits us. We shall indulge. Blessed be those who indulge. Blessed be all they who stop by.


About Mongo
Mongo only pawn in game of life.

2 Responses to Whereupon, having completed the 56th orbit of Mother Earth…

  1. oldafsarge says:

    Happy Birthday Mongo! From the lofty (and aged) perspective of one who just “celebrated” #59, you’re still a young’n. Enjoy!

  2. Justthisguy says:

    Congrats on sticking around. Oh, that’s “revolution”, not “orbit” . As for coming aboard, I had to be dragged out with forceps-still have a dent in my skull from that. I never much liked this place, but I do intend to stick around as long as I can, just to see what happens. “What fools these mortals be!” and all that.

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