Looking for a short term business loan. Kinda different for a blog post, but…please read on

Okay. Here’s what’s shaking. I recently became part of a successful direct sales company in the health and wellness industry, and, thus far, have seen some pretty positive results. The name of the company is Rodan and Fields, and is a skin care business founded by two well known Dermatologists: Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.

With my initial experiment in the business being successful, I am now looking to take things to the next level. To do that I’ll need a short term loan of $1,500 for a period of 90 days, which will allow me to reach out with marketing to a larger audience (read that nationwide). I’m asking for your participation in raising this amount, at whatever level it may be, whether it be $100, $200, or $500. If you have $1,500 to loan, it will most certainly be made worth your while.

Mind you, this is a request for a short term loan, one which I expect to come with terms attached. If you are inclined to participate, please respond with what you consider a reasonable offering. Perhaps in lieu of interest paid against the amount, you would be interested in receiving a product package from Rodan and Fields. Believe me, it would be worth it. Let’s discuss the terms and come to some sort of agreement.

As I say both Doctors are well known, but you may be more familiar with their ProActiv product line. ProActiv was started more than 20 years ago to combat skin breakouts in youth, and since inception has been very successful. Having turned their focus to skin care for all ages with the Rodan and Fields line, the reception in the cosmetology and business worlds has been nothing short of phenomenal.

While you’re thinking about my request, take a few moments to visit the R&F website of one of my associates: Rodan and Fields Feel free to ask questions. We have answers. Remember also that there are business opportunities open for those desiring to become Consultants in the business. Taking care of our skin, as with so much else, becomes more important as we get older.

I look forward to hearing back from you, and, if nothing else, would value your feedback.

Thanks so much!


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5 Responses to Looking for a short term business loan. Kinda different for a blog post, but…please read on

  1. Justthisguy says:

    I tried to leave a comment here but WordPress was rocking the dickheadedness. Let us see if this goes through. If it does go through, Mongo should know that I didn’t stop his comment, it was the default setting on my blog. I only look at that blog infrequently, and post on it very infrequently.

  2. Mongo says:

    Ah well, to be truthful, I haven’t been back since, but only because I took a brief intermission from blog/FB/texting, etc. There are days when it’s nice to have peace and quiet, ya know?

    I don’t take it personally if someone’s blog puts me in moderation hell, especially since we’ve all been there before elsewhere. It tends to be a systematic flaw, I believe. Thanks for letting me know.

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