May Day…a day of faith, coming together, and values.

In one context a call for help, a sign of distress. In another context a day of celebration, which, as Jerry Ashton writes in the Huffington Post, we find

“is a holiday for the 99 percent. It is a day for people to come together, across all those lines which too often divide us — race, class, gender, religion — and challenge the systems that create these divisions.

Succinct. To the point. Not a whole lot of palaver. Sometimes less is more.

When earlier I awoke to read a post on Faith written by Lex in December of 2003, graciously posted again here, it caused some moments reflection of my own faith and beliefs. Albeit a lengthy post, even by Lex’ standard, all written served to convey a heartfelt message. Sometimes more is more. I’ll not expound on my own faith and beliefs here, but, rather, leave the reader to reflect upon their own. Perhaps one day we’ll share the matters of faith and belief in conversation, but not this day. ’tis not the reason for this post.

The second post I happened upon, written by a certain lovely New England lass named Kris, touched, if only in a seemingly ancillary way, upon faith, coming together, and values, but written with the core intent of expressing, I believe, that enough is enough. We most often are not alone in our accomplishments, and would do well to maintain sufficient decorum and humility as to avoid straying into self serving purposes. Else, as with fire, hubris becomes a fearsome task master. A well written piece I encourage the good reader to indulge in. Nicely written, Kris. Thanks for that.

Item third. A short missive making the rounds containing a message from the Catholic church. Applicable to all of us, it said. Really, I thought. Not a little brazen of them. Turns out they’re right, if you’ll accept my thought on the matter. Not being a Catholic and all, BZ to them for a right fine production. Give credit where credit is due, I say.

After seeing the piece on YouTube, it occurs to me that this May Day may bear some of each context expressed above; distress and celebration. A distress plea coming from Hizzoner on High, a plea for coming together, a plea to challenge the systems that create divisions among us, a plea that we gather together and say “Enough!” as one voice. A day to celebrate a oneness in family, in community, in the nation, and wherever else we may roam.

Let others panic. Let us keep our wits about us…and celebrate our unity. For as one we shall stand. Else, divided we shall?

A lovely and good day to all, my friends.


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One Response to May Day…a day of faith, coming together, and values.

  1. Justthisguy says:

    That’s funny. I thought May Day was about getting laid. Fertility festival, and all. That’s why the Church tried to suppress it, IIRC.

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