Obama justifies FEMA imprisonment of civilians

Already shared this over at Facebook, so it’ll look I plagiarized myself

Is that  crime? Double jeopardy, if Barry doesn’t like what I’m posting here? Like I care…

Obama Justifies FEMA imprisonment of civilians!

I am not a Mad Cow fan, but this is truly one of the most profound expository commentaries ever delivered. Clearly, this has been out a while, but I wonder how it is that the Nation, as a whole, is virtually unaware of the President’s intentions regarding the indefinite detention of American citizens. Yes, I hear some of you, this was about Al Qaeda detainees. Not American citizens. Tell me something, are you really that, I don’t know…umm…stupid…easily deluded?

I could kiss Ms. Maddow for taking such an ardent stand against this heinous abrogation of our Constitution’s founding principles, and can’t help but believe this is an example of what Barack Obama intended when he said “fundamentally transform America. I hope people will pay closer attention to what is taking place in the White House, because, soon enough, their very lives will depend on it.

I side with Ms. Maddow’s objection over the President creating a new legal framework that steps outside of Congress, the Courts, and the Military. Holy cow! So what are you saying, Mr. President? Are we to infer that FEMA is your new private Army, with powers to arrest and detain as it suits no one but you? Dude, you really are so in love with yourself if you believe Americans will tolerate something like this. I’m thinking Chief Justice John Roberts will have to have a tragic auto accident for you to get away with this. I’m thinking Conservative talk show hosts are going to find new allies from the Liberal side of the show, and you’re going to feel mighty lonely the first time it hits the airwaves that an American citizen got sent away to a detention camp.

Yes, we know, Mr. President, you can fool all the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time. Just don’t forget that third part. um, kay? We’re watching. We’re listening. We’re preparing. And, yes, we already have our pitchforks.

One thing, however, and I post this not as a disclaimer, I would like to see the whole of the speech. It always disturbs me to see snippets published, when I’m not entirely sure of the publisher’s intention. Just sayin’, Rachel… I guess all the years of taking Dubbya out of context have done something to your credibility in my eyes. You’re intelligent, very well spoken (which in today’s world is truly remarkable), but I don’t completely trust you yet. Hence, the verify part. Fair ’nuff?


Seems to be some concern about my being in a panic, where there need be none. I disagree. Three critical steps in the wrong direction since January, 2011, and we’re in a position to renew this character’s license to kill. This is putting me in more of a mind to gather my family around me on some patch of dirt atop a mountain somewhere, and pray to God above that we can stay off radar enough to be left alone. Reality says “Good luck with that. Not a chance in hell.”

Obama Signs Update to National Defense Resource Preparedness Act

…an update that wholly embraces the “fundamentally transform” notion…or not. Nothing like taking on cancelling out that whole over arching/reaching government business. FEMA is ostensibly removed from the text in 10 different locations, only to be replaced by the much more trustworthy and vaunted Department of Homeland Security. Hmm…

Obama Signs 2012 version of National Defense Authorization Act

…with some disturbing additions. View Rachel Maddow’s video again for her astute take on the dangers involved.


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2 Responses to Obama justifies FEMA imprisonment of civilians

  1. Justthisguy says:

    After services this evening, the Senior Warden, the senior guy in the Music Party (who was present aboard USS Enterprise for The Fire, which quite literally made a Christian of him) and I had a rather animated discussion about the direction in which things seem to be going. We all concurred that things are going in a bad direction, and that we should plant subsistence gardens, and that we should stock up on canned food and ammo.

    We are all fairly old, with some gray in our hair, and I think the others sympathized with my bitching, which was along the lines of “Why did this have to happen now? I am too old to play Infantry!”

    I mean, had this happened when I was 25, well, I would have joined right up. Had we put it off for another 30 years, both I and my Kitteh would be long dead and I wouldn’t care, having left the planet.

    I do love railing against fate. It is an excellent Internet Sport.

  2. Justthisguy says:

    Now that my aged Kitteh is missing and presumed dead, I no longer have any dependents or other hostages to fortune. I am feeling rather old and fragile, lately,so the prospect of getting shot dead by agents of The State does not bother me as much as it used to do. Bring It!, I say!

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