I wore a hat on Sunday…

an it looks like that’ll become par for the course throughout the rest of Spring and an ’till Fall. Used to be I’d enjoy the sun bearing down on my gourd, bleaching the blond hair to a lovely shade of towhead, but not so much anymore with that thinned out spot somewhere back by the crown. Damn this getting old stuff anyway.

So the reason for the hat was a lively little stroll to the Whole Foods grocery establishment, which we believed would be good for the constitution. Google maps says 1.1 miles, as the drunk wanders, so it was off with an unloaded bag harnessed over the shoulders…and the hat. It’s a good little bag, as bags go, being part of a two part dive gear bag setup purchased some few years back. It’s also a good limiter as to what one might actually force oneself to carry on the return leg. See above, the last sentence of paragraph 1.

Whilst putting one foot in front of t’other the mind wandered through a field of cerebral creativity, touching upon various matters and taking in the sights of lovely Speedway Blvd. Coming off of Alvernon is always interesting because of the change in the nature of personages, those on Speedway seemingly more focused on places to go and things to do. I’ll leave off commentary regarding many encountered on Alvernon. but anyway, where was I?

Ah yes, Speedway. Quebedeaux Buick/GMC and its 100 yards or two of streetfront lining appurtenances. I don’t keep up with new vehicle models anymore, preferring mostly to gawk at the classics from before the 80’s. All else after seems…well…uninteresting.

As an example, the style seems to have gone blocky. Round off the corners a tad, and you have something looking like it was drawn by a first grader. Take the GMC Terrain, fer instance. Dude, you really need more schoolin’ on that CAD/CAM stuff. Please tell me you’re not getting paid for what you do. ‘kay? Then there’s the travesty of Chevy’s otherwise lovely looking Camaro, otherwise lovely because the damn thing has a V-6 under the hood. What? REALLY?!?! There’s laws against such travesties, finding themselves in the same category as pedophilia and sexual assault. It’s just not done!

Anyway, once past Quebedeaux, your humble came upon this dirt park covered with numerous undulations. I said dirt, mind you, so that rules out skateboards. Too small for a bmx track, which…do they still have those? Of a sudden a whirring little four wheeled widget comes slamming into one of the 4 inch high guard berms streetside. Ah, RC 4 wheeled widgets, and the undulations being that from which the widgets launch themselves for some air time. To launch from one undulation and clear the next, all without balling it up, is the objective. Okay, got it. A brief pause to observe, take a pull from the hose providing hydration, and moment’s over. There might be room in the budget for one of those one day soon…maybe.

Next in line and set back a tad from the street, Eden’s Adult Cabaret and Cafe. {sigh} Strip club with what passes for a greasy spoon in back. Lovely. Wuz a time when we might have been interested. Gack! And we’re walking!

Ah, little bit of a strip mall (not to be confused with strip club) and Whole Foods market. Once inside a left 90 brings one to produce, organic and from various locations non-USA, leaving the purchaser to peruse whatever shopping list there may be. In my case, a mental checklist. I like those, really, because they’re so easily amended without the time lost crossing out a line or rewriting something. Think the thought. All done!

$37.84 and a Mango smoothie later, your humble’s back is converted into a beast of burden. Not so much that the back had any right to complain about how we’re getting older and ‘what the devil were you thinking?!? We don’t subscribe to such notions. Ignore now that last sentence in paragraph one. Moment of weakness…moment’s over. I’m thinking I’ll go back to Whole Foods again, it being a much better source of victuals. Not that I’m all tweaky about organic foods, but the range and freshness of produce is something to yearn for.

So that was Sunday and the hat. Yesterday we slaved for monetary gain, although sometimes we wonder what the point is. For all that, too soon expended and we’re left wondering wha’ happened?

Today and tomorrow are freed up from slave labor, so there was a bit of laundry and this…the catching up of online pursuits. A not so chance meeting with fellow veterans from the Navy’s Search and Rescue community opened up some possibilities, one or two of which are giving me a thrill up the leg. Hey, it worked for Chris Matthews!

Before I hit Publish, I need to remember to post some tags. For whatever reason in the blogospere, tags are good. To not tag is considered uncouth, which I’m not so sure I care a lot about that. However, being a somewhat accommodating sort…Tags.

With that, off with you now. I’m sure I’ve used up more than today’s allotment of goof-off time. If your boss yells at you for being here, own it. It’s yours!

Tags. Must do Tags. And Categories. Oh, the minutiae of it all!


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11 Responses to I wore a hat on Sunday…

  1. Mongo talk many good words!

    • Mongo says:

      Mongo need leave desert. Talk more good words away from desert. Mongo not like desert. Snowbirds smart. Snowbirds leave desert. Mongo want be smart too.

  2. Bob Reed says:

    Great stream-of-consciousness essay! Dude, between hoofin’ it and shopping at Whole Foods you’ll be considered a green guy soon; and I’m not talking about men from Mars of the Jolly Green Giant 🙂

    Though I guess you’ve been party to the burning of so much fossil fuel over the years that you’d have to walk to Whole Foods every day for the rest of your life to get back to even 😉

    My Regards

    • Mongo says:

      Pray to the fossil fuel gods we all keep burning the stuff. Good for the economy, good for the social conscience, and great for those all-nighters at the poker table; lights stay on and cooler keeps coolin’. I’m all about that, my friend.

  3. Justthisguy says:

    I tried to comment earlier, off of the email notice, but apparently I tapped a key WordPress didn’t like and the comment disappeared before I could post it. Why does software get worse every time they “improve” it?

    Anney Way, I’ll try to reconstruct from memory.

    I feel yer pain, Sir. I am somewhat into my seventh decade on the planet and had to hike about two miles yesterday with rucksack and slung weapon. The weapon was a cat in a box, slung over my shoulder. We had a Vet appointment. He is a retired weapon, being 17 or so. We are kindred souls, and we even make the same noises, such as groan, sigh, whine, moan, and growl. Like me, he is somewhat old, sick, disillusioned and demoralized, so it shouldn’t surprise anybody that neither of us has been keeping up with his grooming. Nonetheless, the Vet laid some shaming language on me.

    Being no fool, I do of course try to keep up enough with the shaving and bathing so as not to attract the attention of the police, but have absolutely no problem with wimminz keeping their distance from me at this stage of my life.

    • Justthisguy says:

      P.s. The email addy I used for the above comment is a real one, just one I never use anymore. If you want me to get email, send it to tregonsee at the same ISP. One of WP’s latest “improvements” seems to be, that if one has ever created a WP blog, he cannot ever again comment on a WP blog using that email without logging in to WP.

      When I went to the WP site, I found that deleting one’s WP account is Not Allowed.

      When I clicked on “Contact Us”, I found that is not possible. Unless one has a paid account with them, there is not even such a thing as an email address for them.

      Makes me want to look up the physical address of whomever holds the domain name, and bang loudly on his door. At 0300.

      • Mongo says:

        Lex used to pride himself on being an incipient crank. You, bucko, are full blown, all the way there. We all need mentors in something, and one of my longer term goals includes patterning my crankiness after the likes of you.

      • Justthisguy says:

        An awful lot of great Americans were cranks. I think of Cotton Mather, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and John C. Calhoun, and Jeff Davis, the Roeblings, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., Lysander Spooner, and Harvey Kellogg, and Frank Lloyd Wright, and Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford, and Ty Cobb, and Admiral King. Cranks, all of them.

  4. Justthisguy says:

    Oh, let us not forget Smedley Butler! Now _there_ was a first-class crank, with two Medals of Honor, to boot!

  5. I’ve had to cover my head for the last 10 years. The hair tend to thin as you age, and I forgot about early last summer when I went to the field and paid the price for the next month. I’m sure it’s worse around Tuscon.

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