It is that day, Tax Day, and the fabulous Thunderbirds are in town…

…gleefully expending our tax revenue. No, silly, not Jimmy Vaughan and his crew. I speak of THE Thunderbirds, they who go thundering across the sky like there was nothing better to do. Ever. Which, they’re absolutely right. They are here in beautiful, (sorry, just can’t make myself say it.) sunny Tucson. Whilst transiting to the VA Medical facility in the southern reaches of town yesterday for to get some blood work done…Doctor’s orders, you know…we espied what appeared to be lithesome aeronautical creations flinging themselves about in a somewhat artful fashion.

We were entertained. As always. May it ever be so among us, that the USAF Thunderbirds entertain us.

We need to be reminded of what it is we are paying for, and military flight demonstration teams are a darn good way of making it so.

No, we did not take pictures. We were having too self-centered a moment to have thought of pictures. Google them. That’s all I got. 😉


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4 Responses to It is that day, Tax Day, and the fabulous Thunderbirds are in town…

  1. Did my taxes back in Feb and teh state refund just arrived yesterday. NC is a bit tight with the funds since they have spent themselves into a hole during the fat times, and are having a very hard time in the lean. It was ever thus with leftist Demoncrats that have owned the state since Reconstruction (or was the deconstruction. It’s so very hard to tell these days).

    I’ve run into a problem with teh SD trip this July. The BLM has decided not to co-locate the Certified Federal Surveyor activities with the ACSM conference this year in SD so that makes my trip there a bit difficult. I am seriously thinking of forking my Honda Silverwing and riding hard for the left coast for an SD meeting of the Lexicans. Drop me an email mrgcoengr at hotmail dot com and lets us discuss some logistics. You gots a two wheeler perhaps? Let’s talk.

    • Mongo says:

      I don’t have a two wheeler at present, but would gladly be in possession of one for meandering about. I’ll post one over to you at Hotmail to see what we can come up with. Much is in flux as I write this, and I’m not sure where I’ll be or what I’m doing come July.
      Sorry to be so long in responding.

      • Not a problem. My wife has fessed up to some ominous symptoms that might take me completely out of circulation this summer. She has an appointment this coming Monday to start the investigation. She’s been a medical mystery for some time and would not be surprised if this time around it turns out to be something quite bad.

        We can still make tentative plans. I could hook up with you in AZ and go from there if we can find a place to store my bike while were in SD.

      • Mongo says:

        My best wishes to the Homefront Engineer for some positive news next week. A pilot from one of my former haunts has been battling a brain tumor, and got some bad news this week. The Avastin treatment isn’t working, and it now looks like they’re down to hospice and the mercies of the Lord. Let’s hope your wife gets better news than that.
        Don’t worry, we’ll figure out July as it gets here. Some things are more important than Sandy Eggo. 😉

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