On Arizona, the third war, and the parties involved. Pretty ugly stuff.

I’ve been musing of late about how to raise funding for a group of citizens in Southern Arizona involved in the Third War, which, it seems, will soon be the only war left. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Except for the part about ass-whooping some turd what deserves it, war sucks.

Arizona Border Defenders are citizens who regularly go out on reconnaissance patrols looking for evidence of drug and human trafficking. They frequently leave hidden cameras to capture movement of drug mules and illegal aliens, sometimes with sufficient success as to allow DEA and Border Patrol to capture bandidos and/or their contraband. As an example, recent captures have resulted in the confiscation of several millions of dollars in marijuana and meth.

Additionally, volunteer Search and Rescue efforts are saving lives. The desert is ramping up the thermostat a tad, and pretty soon there’ll be triple digit days to suck the moisture out of their bodies. Say what you will about illegal immigration, death by dessication sucks is an ugly way to go out. Some of these poor bastards have been out there for several weeks, and by the time they get found are showing some serious wear and tear.

Not to mention the moo-hairs…most of which have been raped as partial payment for their journey to the promised land. Oh, and the Cartels (the Sinaloa in our region) resent having the human trafficking bring the attention of Border Patrol to THEIR DRUG ROUTES. Their solution? Kill the Illegal Aliens (IA’s). I find the situation intolerable. Laying aside the legal issues with IA’s coming to America as they do, nobody deserves what they’re put through. Yeah, I know, it’s their own damned fault, but the Christian side of me says “So what?” Two wrongs aren’t making this thing right, and the Arizona Border Defenders need help putting a stop to it.

Problem: these folks are volunteers paying out of pocket, paychecks are flat-lined with expenses on the rise, with the ultimate result that forays into the desert are becoming a financial challenge beyond the formidable.

Looking for ideas to bring in funding: grants/how to write them, best practices for charitable functions and a website.
Any ideas?
Much grass! er…mahalo. Yeah. Better word. Mahalo.


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