Phantom Pr0n – Let’s Make It a Trio!

Phantom Pr0n – Let’s Make It a Trio!.

Phantoms. My first love. Spent a dozen good years dating the old girl, tweaking her many woes and afflictions back into good health. I ran off with a Tomcat for a few years, and loved the two-timing adrenalin rush, but in the end it was the Phantom.Back to the one you know and love most.

Many a trip we took back in the day to exotic resorts like Naval Weapons Center China Lake, San Nicholas Island, Roosevelt Roads, and even a two week soiree to Barbers Point. Made an unscheduled rescue trip to Reese AFB once, but she made the trip worthwhile and carried her valiant warrior off to his destination. Many a late afternoon and evening likewise were spent preparing for to challenge our foes…we actually being the foes.

We were Threat Simulation, and we were nobody’s friend. Those mornings when unsuspecting Carrier Battle Groups received their morning reveille call to General Quarters, and all because one of my lady loves was inbound supersonic with a missile target to launch for their benefit. Mmmm…oh, to watch her return, shimmering and shivering like a thoroughbred after a challenging race. The laughter. The gaiety. We were the accursed. We were incorrigible. 😉

Well, thanks for allowing me a moment to reminisce. We return you now to your regular daytime programming.


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