WordPress says I’m but a few short of 30 posts. Eh. So what!

It’s St Patrick’s Day and my backside is leaving a sizable imprint on that which resides below it. I’ve been over to FB for a while to check on updates from my ‘family’ over at Neptunus Lex. Yeah, I know. I know. We’re obsessive over Lex’ passing. But, really, you had to know him to love him the way we do. Seriously, folks, we are in grieving. We may not be right for some time. We’re giving it a good go, but, please, don’t ask us to be in denial. You’re better than that. Right?

It is St. Patrick’s Day. Lex would have reminded us to find our strength in Guinness, but we’d have chuckled under our breath that we already knew that. Lex would have smiled, and we’d have all teased him that “Really?” What an incorrigible lot we became at times. 🙂

I was exchanging texts with friend Greg in Seattle earlier about where this mortal timeframe of mine is headed, when I remarked about “how good it would be to make a living at blogging.” His response took me summat by surprise “Why do you think I’ve been working so hard to get you to post over at ALT?!?” ALT is a project Greg started a cuppla years ago with the intention of bringing folks together in an informal fashion for the purpose of having discussions about anything you want.

‘scuse me. Gotta take a moment to defuel…the defuel light’s been blinking a moment or three now, and that’s almost as bad as a low fuel light. Ignore it and you’ll be calling HazMat for the cleanup. Not to mention having to deal with the local Domestic Engineer…if ye have one. Which, we do not at this abode, but that’s another matter.

Okay. Whew! So much better!

So, where was I? Damned interruptions!

Oh, that’s right. So Greg, in his offhand way, is suggesting that I need to blog. More. Often even. Do you know what it’s like to put yourself out ‘there’? Actually, I’m okay with putting myself out there. While not entirely anymousing my online existence, there’s just enough anonymity left to be of some use. Truth be told, I’m not so sure I much give a tinker’s dam about being anonymous. Listening to one of Greg’s podcasts earlier left me with a deeper sense of civic responsibility. There’s a lovely lass in Seattle who has become quite involved in the Tea Party, and who is of the belief that a group of individuals, each taking on 2-3 Congress critters, could really make a difference in the world of national politics. Each observer reports on how the Congress critters vote, and keeps the general population apprised of how each elects to ‘serve We The People’. I admire the lass for her conviction, but, more importantly, I get the kick in the boyz that there’s more to be done…by folks like me…who profess to love this country. {sigh} So much for being a deadbeat who votes every 4 years.

Having a guy like Lex around tends to make one lazy or behave in lackadaisical fashion. Now that God has taken him home, the unspoken challenge is that somebody (somebodies) need to take up the slack. There’s that damned mirror in front of me again. Who put that there? C’mon, ‘fess up! Who did it?

I don’t fly FA-18’s and I don’t have a motorcycle, so where to begin? That’s really the secret, isn’t it?





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2 Responses to WordPress says I’m but a few short of 30 posts. Eh. So what!

  1. Like me, you won’t ever fly high performance military hardware, but you can take up that other insane activity – motorcycles. Lots cheaper than flying anything, and maybe even more in line with tweaking the nose of death, unless you’re a paranoid like me (and I am when I’m riding since it’s the only thing that stands between you and death).

    If you are into philosophy, and other navel gazing pursuits, then there’s plenty of blog fodder. Politics is another, and you need a philosophical bent for that too. Likker doesn’t require a philosophical bent, unless you are going to indulge while you blog, then it will tend to make you philosophical in much the same line as JTG.

    Personally, my blog, if such materializes, will deal with Theology, politics, with the odd post on military matters. I expect there will plenty to blog about if I do it.

    I’ve learned how to change back to Quartermaster, but I think I have to do at every log in.

  2. oldafsarge says:

    Okay, second attempt to post here. I fat-fingered my keyboard and sent my original post off into the bit bucket somewhere (hhmm, maybe it went into the “cloud”?)

    At any rate, yes, Mongo, keep posting, more posts! I’m a wanderer from over at Lex’s place, sort of a milblog refugee as it were. I stumbled across your blog via Lex and all the tragedy that’s gone down since “that day”. Many of us “Lexians” are drifting through the blogosphere, hunting for a new home. (Seen many a post from a familiar handle on a number of blogs, QM being one of them.)

    I too do not fly F/A-18s nor do I ride motorcycles (the latter terrify me, my one and only ride on one left me shaken, not stirred). But I do get to live vicariously through two of my kids, my daughter, who is a Super Hornet backseater and her husband (my son-in-law “Big Time”) who is a “Rhino driver” (flies the F/A-18E off of the Big “E”).

    Aviation seems to be in my blood, “back in the day” I used to work maintenance on the F-4 Phantom, so the sound of a fighter’s engine and the smell of jet fuel still get me pumped up. I’m kinda like that old cavalry nag who’s been put out to pasture but who still lifts his head and snorts at the sound of a distant bugle. (Harrumph, my daughter informs me that I have the “old” and the “nag” parts exactly right. Darn kids…)

    At any rate, I like the sound of your bugle my man, keep playing, keep posting.

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