Half cocked America and Trayvon Martin…or how to start a race war…again

Or so it seems.

I hadn’t paid much attention to the Martin/Zimmerman situation until a couple of days ago, until someone sent me the “other side” of the story. I won’t bore you with the details of how the kid was a juvenile delinquent, had been suspended multiple times, yada yada yada. What struck me is that I hadn’t heard this side of the story before. How come? Is there any truth to it or not?

Following that, later on in the day, there’s an article posted in American Spectator about the homeowner/shooter Zimmerman. This article tends to downplay Martin and turn most of the focus, and culpability, on Zimmerman. Vigilante! Over exuberant! Wannabe cop! and so on, and so on.

Here’s what gets me: Those talking about the incident seem bent on leaning hard to one side or another…with neither view admittedly having all of the facts. I’m left asking “Why?”

One, no one seems to knows any more about this incident than the next guy. Of the two guys involved at the scene, one’s not talking and the other is unavailable for comment.
Two, what the hell does this have to do with our situation in America? Energy costs are through the roof, jobless rates are just shy of scary, and we have national debt in the many trillions of dollars. (Until 4 years ago. a trillion dollars was NOT something I even thought about.) The real issue here isn’t Zimmerman, IMO, because young people are being shot dead every day across America. So, what is the real issue?
Three, do we need supposedly grown men using this incident to hurl barbs at one another? Gas-bag Newt thinks it’s newsworthy, and Santorum is flapping his jaws like an obedient parrot. Then there’s Obama, but more on him in a moment.

On top of that pile, let’s throw out the $10,000 reward posted by the Black Panthers for Zimmerman’s arrest. Can anyone say contract hit here?

“He, uh, pulled a gun, and we, ummm, we had to shoot him. Yeah. That’s our story!”

So, correct me if I’m wrong here, but wouldn’t this be a Kodak picture perfect moment for Obama to step up and say “Whoa, hossy! Let’s allow law enforcement to do its job. Nobody go out and get all crazy now. Settle down!” Instead, he talks about how Trayvon could have been his son. Lord. Talk about having a Biden Boo Boo moment. A juvenile delinquent for a son, suspended 3 times from school. I’m so inspired by the man’s parenting skills and acumen. Not!

But, as it is, media is having a field day and the public is being divided down political and racial lines.

“White Supremacist hacks Trayvon Martin’s e-mail account”

Sidebar: I wonder what kind of individual hacked into Sarah Palin’s e-mail account then in ’08? A patriot?

Too many Americans going off half cocked and doing no one any damn good. Aren’t we quite the bunch of characters!

How dost thou opine on the matter?


WordPress says I’m but a few short of 30 posts. Eh. So what!

It’s St Patrick’s Day and my backside is leaving a sizable imprint on that which resides below it. I’ve been over to FB for a while to check on updates from my ‘family’ over at Neptunus Lex. Yeah, I know. I know. We’re obsessive over Lex’ passing. But, really, you had to know him to love him the way we do. Seriously, folks, we are in grieving. We may not be right for some time. We’re giving it a good go, but, please, don’t ask us to be in denial. You’re better than that. Right?

It is St. Patrick’s Day. Lex would have reminded us to find our strength in Guinness, but we’d have chuckled under our breath that we already knew that. Lex would have smiled, and we’d have all teased him that “Really?” What an incorrigible lot we became at times. 🙂

I was exchanging texts with friend Greg in Seattle earlier about where this mortal timeframe of mine is headed, when I remarked about “how good it would be to make a living at blogging.” His response took me summat by surprise “Why do you think I’ve been working so hard to get you to post over at ALT?!?” ALT is a project Greg started a cuppla years ago with the intention of bringing folks together in an informal fashion for the purpose of having discussions about anything you want.

‘scuse me. Gotta take a moment to defuel…the defuel light’s been blinking a moment or three now, and that’s almost as bad as a low fuel light. Ignore it and you’ll be calling HazMat for the cleanup. Not to mention having to deal with the local Domestic Engineer…if ye have one. Which, we do not at this abode, but that’s another matter.

Okay. Whew! So much better!

So, where was I? Damned interruptions!

Oh, that’s right. So Greg, in his offhand way, is suggesting that I need to blog. More. Often even. Do you know what it’s like to put yourself out ‘there’? Actually, I’m okay with putting myself out there. While not entirely anymousing my online existence, there’s just enough anonymity left to be of some use. Truth be told, I’m not so sure I much give a tinker’s dam about being anonymous. Listening to one of Greg’s podcasts earlier left me with a deeper sense of civic responsibility. There’s a lovely lass in Seattle who has become quite involved in the Tea Party, and who is of the belief that a group of individuals, each taking on 2-3 Congress critters, could really make a difference in the world of national politics. Each observer reports on how the Congress critters vote, and keeps the general population apprised of how each elects to ‘serve We The People’. I admire the lass for her conviction, but, more importantly, I get the kick in the boyz that there’s more to be done…by folks like me…who profess to love this country. {sigh} So much for being a deadbeat who votes every 4 years.

Having a guy like Lex around tends to make one lazy or behave in lackadaisical fashion. Now that God has taken him home, the unspoken challenge is that somebody (somebodies) need to take up the slack. There’s that damned mirror in front of me again. Who put that there? C’mon, ‘fess up! Who did it?

I don’t fly FA-18’s and I don’t have a motorcycle, so where to begin? That’s really the secret, isn’t it?




Why we need an Italian President

A bit dated but ya gotta admit, what the man says bears merit…and it’s pretty funny too. I laughed through the whole thing. Tony Soprano, where are you?

Completely unrelated to the above, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Guinness! For Strength! For Lex!

God love a good single malt…

It does a soul some good and, being genetically predisposed to its benefits, color me grateful that this day can end on such a positive note.

It makes one want to sing…which I may or may not subject you to.

Ah hell. Why not…care to join me?

Now if yer tired and weary, feelin’ sad and blue
Don’t let your cares upset ye ‘al tell ye what tae do
Just tak a cor tae Springburn go inta Quin’s Pub there
Go doon intae the wee room underneath the stair

For it’s doon in the wee room underneath the stair
Everybody’s happy everybody’s there
And they’re all makin’ merry each in his chair
Doon in the wee room underneath the stair

A king went a huntin’ his fortunes for tae seek
He lost his cor at Partick went missin’ for a week
Days and nights they hunted sorrow and despair
They foun’ him in the wee room underneath the stair

Fur it’s doon in the wee room underneath the stair
Everybody’s happy everybody’s there
And they’re all makin’ merry each in his chair
Doon in the wee room underneath the stair

Noo when am gettin’ auld and ma bones begin tae set
I’ll never worry naw I’ll never fret
For I’m savin’ up ma pennies tae buy a hurrly chair
Tae tak me tae the wee room underneath the stair

Fur it’s doon in the wee room underneath the stair
Everybody’s happy everybody’s there
And they’re all makin’ merry each in his chair
Doon in the wee room underneath the stair.


A week later, I’m still at a loss for adequate words to describe a deep personal loss.

One week ago today someone very dear to me and a lot of other folks

Damn. A friend died. I felt gutshot when I learned of his passing. My day went to hell, and there was no saving it.

I put off posting anything here because my thoughts were so scattered, and emotions were all over the place. I grieved and, at the same time, I raged. What the eff happened? How could this happen? WHO’s TO BLAME?!?! When I’m like that it’s usually best to step back and let things settle a bit. Big mistake. Now I’m at an emotional impasse. The spirit is aggrieved and will not be denied, but having been denied refuses to come forth willingly.

In the first few days that followed, most of what I felt was grief. I wrote a few words here and there expressing my sorrow, sharing my gratitude for him, and thanking others for the thoughts they shared. Not much mattered. I remembered to eat, bathe, go to work, but all else went into the ‘next week’ category.

Lex. You weren’t the first of family and friends to die, some tragically, but yours is the first in a very long time to have affected me so deeply. I’m still passing through waves of tearful sadness. Perhaps the years of witnessing death have helped to temper this time somewhat, but still… My friend and brother, gone too soon. Gathered up to his fathers, embraced in the arms of his “dear, sainted Ma”, out for walks with his departed dog Lady. Reunited with friends and fellow aviators to retell their stories. Looking forward to new experiences and learn those things that await.

Lex bore his soul to us in so many ways, and, in so doing, invited the rest of us to do so. And, oh how we shared. We laughed, we learned. We played together, and we prayed together. We fought, we fussed, and, in short, we acted just like siblings gathered around the dinner table. Nothing was too sacred to talk about. Bring your soul, however imperfect, for to share. No one was above being teased or made fun of, but we soon made up. That’s how it works over at Neptunus Lex.

Such was the wondrous nature of Neptunus Lex, alias CAPT Carroll LeFon (RET). Pilot, Poet, Pundit, Pal. Oh, and Purveyor of plane pr0n. Ever with the plane pr0n, that one. {sigh} One has to wonder at times where a fellow like Lex could find the capacity to keep the rest of us so near. We were never very far away. We came unbidden, and he welcomed us. From time to time he would “leave the keys in it” and depart for a few days. Rambunctious sort that we are, yet we managed to clean up after ourselves. The old adage “Whatever happens at Neptunus Lex, stays at Neptunus Lex” remains firmly in place. Don’t ask, cause we ain’t sayin… 🙂

Others have written eloquently of Lex’ life and times, one even of his dog, Gus. Thanks for that, Kris. Steeljaw Scribe wrote a sterling tribute to Lex, and shipmate AW1 Tim’s remembrance touched me with how deeply we love Lex. Through their remembrances we are reminded that Lex loved us as we loved him. Not one inference of hero worship will be found throughout, but, instead, many outright declarations of love and friendship…and kindness and sacrifice.

Who writes about their dogs, and keeps you captivated throughout the post? Lex did. Then, and spoken of oft, there is his beloved wife, The Hobbit. His anchor and the smartest move he ever made…marrying her. Married up, he did, and he hesitated not to tell you so. Between the two of them they created three cherished examples of what will become their legacy. The eldest, SNO (Son Number One), now a Naval Officer and Aviator in his own right. Beaming pride at the mere mention of the young man. Next, The Biscuit, in Lex’ own words “My beloved daughter”, which, somehow says more than this writer’s feeble words could add upon. Finally the youngest daughter, The Kat, who Lex, in more or less these words, declared “had learned that I was hers to command”. Husband and Father. All other hats on the rack never could mean nearly so much as those two to Lex.

Ever the one to challenge us, even now Lex challenges us in death. How, you ask? Well, it’s like this…who’s gonna do the bloggin? Whisper? Maybe a little, but, man, dude’s OpsO in a FA-18 squadron. Like he’s got a ton of free time. Sneaky bugger, Lex. “Tag. You’re it!” he’s saying to all of us posers with blogs. {sigh} Well, alright then. Time to step up, and step up we shall! You know what this means, though? I’m going to have to learn ‘Tags’. Durned Tags!

So, time to end off and post. For strength! For Courage! For Lex!