Does Iran REALLY Want to Kill the Jews?

This is the subject line of a post put up yesterday by friend Greg over at ALOTTATALK. I often wonder about Iran and just how serious they are about taking on another nation in a direct confrontation. Here’s the bulk of Greg’s post, which I invite the reader to respond to hither and thither (Login required for response):

One of the biggest unknowns about the Iranian quest for a nuclear weapon is the question, “Would they actually use it?”.   Many, if not most people, think they wouldn’t since it would likely be suicidal.  Any nuclear attack on Israel would provoke a large retaliation by Israel  (Israel does not officially admit to possessing nuclear weapons, but it is widely believed they do).

However, the Iranians have made their hate for Israel well, known, and there is a new story saying the top Ayatollah is calling for the killing of Jews and the annihilation of Israel.

From the story:
The Iranian government, through a website proxy, has laid out the legal and religious justification for the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of its people.

The doctrine includes wiping out Israeli assets and Jewish peoplbe worldwide.

All of this is coming to a head, as Israel may be planning attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities, and the US is imposing new sanctions on Iran.

Is this crazy talk just bluster to help prevent an Israeli attack?  Or, are the Iranian leaders really set on killing Jews and destroying Israel?

As much as I’d like to think of this is as bluster and blow on Iran’s part, a part of me believes that we had better not ignore the proclamations, the military exercises, or discount Iran’s stated future intent. Israel is at risk. Period. The Bible gives us prophecy after prophecy about the Middle East (Arab world) rising up to attack Israel, even to the point of annihilation. The inevitable end is that Israel will, literally, have its back against the wall in a confrontation with the Arab world. While not an Arab nation, Iran (Persia) has made it clear for a long time that decimation and removal of Israel from the planet would be cause for celebration throughout Persia.

As far as a nuclear Iran goes, I’m most concerned with what they’ll do with their nukes, the majority of which I believe would initially be aimed at western Europe. My opinion is that Iran would love to strike a first blow at the Jews and western world in Germany, which would be to strike a blow at Israel while avoiding a direct military confrontation. The idea may seem ironic, unafraid of the world but terrified of Israel, but given Iran’s recent actions globally I find some credence in the notion. As far back as the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Teheran to the more recent overt support of Al Qaeda forces in Iraq, as well as active involvement in the North Korean ballistic missile and nuclear technology exchange, Iran has positioned itself as an aggressor force willing to do whatsoever it pleases. When was the last time any nation stepped up and punched Iran in the nose?

Iran knows the time is not right for an open fight with the U. S. or Israel, and so will bide its time until becoming more aligned with the Arab world. Perhaps, and I’ll just throw this out there, that is the intent behind the Arab Spring. To foment an Arab rising, while laying groundwork for something more insidious. By and large, how do the Muslims behave within any country? Do they co-exist peacefully with any other people? Look at the Muslim driven Turkish invasion of Hungary. Look at Egypt a year down the road. Look at Libya. Look at Syria. Look at the Sudan, and now Nigeria. Half a dozen simple, quite stark, examples of nations where there was a modicum, if not somewhat dismal example, of ‘peace’. All ultimately redirected for a fundamental transformation…which, where have we heard that before?

What the Arab Spring has done is bring anything but peace or unification to any of the affected nations. Rather, we see a Muslim uprising of bloodshed and violence found in various parts of the world; again, use the Sudan as an example. One cannot help but wonder if Iran’s Mullahs are hoping for the chance to somehow unite a violent Muslim front against their sworn enemies. How could the Mullahs pass up an opportunity to bring in the Muslim world as useful idiots, engaging them in a cause they believe is their righteous destiny. It wouldn’t be the first time the Persians have pulled off such a stunt. I suppose time will tell if I’m right.

It requires neither a genius nor a prophet to know what a nuclear Iran is going to look like. The Persian mindset today is not so different from that of when Darius faced Alexander. Only, where shall we find Alexander in today’s world? However any of this plays out, there will never again be peace in the Middle East. Ever an elusive creature throughout the region since the beginning of time, peace in the Middle East is, in my opinion, a creature now extinct.


Superbowl is over, Valentine’s Day is just ahead…

…and that about taps out the things on my list of Important Shit these days.

Someone much wiser than I once commented that taking long vacations may be good for the soul, but they are dangerous to the business man. Likewise, I can assure you, are out of state moves where one’s whole life is uprooted and moved into the virtual unknown. Life since mid-August, or the last post, you decide which is more recent, has been a maelstrom of WTF! combined with “What’s next?”.

Firstest on ye olde job front: Due to the loss of a major support contract, which resulted in a substantial reorganization within, that which was promised at a not insubstantial den of labor went away…after Hizzonner’s arrival here in the Devil’s paradise. Thankfully, there was a minor backup plan in place, but that took some few weeks and a half to get working. Whew! It ain’t much, the backup plan, but it beats panhandling at the bus stop. Which, don’t get me started on the number of those who resort to such in this godforsaken berg. I am a reasonably charitable man, but suborning slothful deadbeats just ain’t in it for me.

Whilst laboring for a pittance, eyes and ears are connecting dots leading down the path toward a couple of fruitful business ventures. Such ventures have yet to be given their due diligence, but to outward appearances show some promise. Air Taxi and Maintenance companies are seeking bidders for one reason or another, as are companies in other industries where I would do quite well. They also appear to have what one might call a fun factor, which is all important these days. If there isn’t some fun in it, I ain’t adoin’ it. Each is in that whole “I wonder if…” stage and could lead nowhere, but I’m a fairly patient man. Age teaches us patience, and my taskmasters have been fairly consistent ones. Or so I think. 🙂

Nextest on the list would be the challenge of keeping the increasing older mortal temple in reasonably good shape and headed down the positive track. I’m not one who gets sick often, but when I do it’s a good one. Until Tucson. Since the powers that be decided to cap the coolers and light off the furnaces in the cribs, life has been one continual respiratory ailment after another. Methinks the ducts need cleaning, but what the hell do I know? Most here attribute respiratory ailments to allergies, and “You just need to accept that, as you get older, you’re going to have allergies. You just need to deal with that fact!” Folks here love the expression “You just need to {fill in the blank}”. Me? Not so much. Having a very low tolerance for bullshit and stupidity, and such. Vitamin C and Echinacea are receiving their fair allocation of duckets toward health and welfare, along with the occasional visit to what is reputed to be the number two VA facility in the country. We wonders about that second best part, we does. Lord, how I miss Seattle…

At any rate, we’ll not have this turn into a pissin’ and moanin’ post. A good man got kicked down by those he trusted, got trampled a bit, but now he’s getting back up again. Once fooled, twice cautious, and all that. Not so ironically, it feels good to unload with the occasional dear reader some of what has befallen your humble scribe. Life’s lessons can be good ones, if we accept the part in the fine print about “It may not be easy, but it’ll be worth it.” Some guy named Jesus had summat to say on the subject. I’ll take his word for it, him having done pretty well for himself.

For now, and in the words of one Porky Pig, “Tha…tha…that’s all for now, folks!” Y’all be good now. Y’hear!