Mi Vida Loca

Or, how it is I came to be in Tucson. Short story, really. The economy in Washington, as in so many places, truly sucks. Friends in Arizona and I have been corresponding for quite a while about things militia and the pesky cross-border drug trade, which left me hankering for an avocation as one of those guys who goes out on his free time to royally piss off the Cartels and their drug mules. Yes, it means getting another job…and that can suck…except that a friend of a friend has something workable in mind.

At any rate, here I am. I’m missing the Washington weather, but starting to enjoy the heat. Yesterday was 108 in mid-afternoon,  but when you’re under an air conditioned roof it really doesn’t do much harm. The weekend after next starts the part where I sleep with snakes and scorpions, but that’s easy enough. Most of the work will be at night when the mules travel, so night vision gear is very much in order. (those who know, understand that donations for nvg are always welcome)

We’re a small group on a growth cycle, but carefully vetting those who join.  More later on things as I’m permitted to share. Most of what goes on stays off radar, primarily because those affected would love to get their paws on our hides. That would be a bad thing…for us.

So, for me, this is a short post. It’s good to be back in the saddle…sorta…

Adios, muchachos! y muchachas, tambien. (gotta learn the lingo, y’all!)