Removing tassels from corn

Incredibly sad story of two bubbly young ladies in Illinois, who died after being accidentally electrocuted while stripping tassels from corn.

Of course, no one’s to blame, nobody meant them harm, simply one of those tragic events one couldn’t possibly foretell.

Best friends in life, they now have no more curfew. RIP, Jade Garza and Hannah Kendall. Our hearts and prayers go out to your families and loved ones.


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3 Responses to Removing tassels from corn

  1. That is sad. The chances of it happening aren’t high, but the chances are still non-zero.

  2. Justthisguy says:

    It’s always been understood that farm work is dangerous (like losing hands or testicles in farm machinery) but Monsanto was obviously horribly revoltingly Godawfully negligently slack here.

    TURN OFF THE GODDAMNED ELECTRICITY WHEN EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING ARE SOAKING WET! (and the electrical systems are known to be busted) Do ye hear, there?

  3. Justthisguy says:

    No, really. They knew there had been a lightning strike which had messed with the circuits. They should have just turned everything off. No power was needed for the de-tasseling, and the corn could have prolly got by just fine for a day or three with no irrigation, judging by the descriptions of how wet everyone was.

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