They closed Walter Reed Army Medical Center? ZOMG!

Yep. They closed Walter Reed Army Medical Center. H/T to Blackfive for the article.

Gob smacked. Not to mention pissed off. Sad as hell. Confused. So, what’re they going to do with it? Turn it into an AIDS research foundation for Kenyans? Geez Louise! Where is this going to end?

Sorry, but I’ve got nothing more to say. Really depressing.



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7 Responses to They closed Walter Reed Army Medical Center? ZOMG!

  1. Justthisguy says:

    (resigned) Major Unger, my housemate at one time, lay in a bed there for a while recovering from something he’d eaten in Viet-Nam. While he was there, some harridan harpy Army Nurse busted into his room in the middle of the night, shined a flashlight into his eyeballs, and demanded to know if he had any Western Cowboy novels.

    It seemed that Dwight David Eisenhower was in there, recovering from maybe his next-to-last heart attack, and he had to have Western Cowboy novels, or he couldn’t get to sleep.

  2. PeterGunn says:

    Hi Mongo,

    Our daughter, now a Major and XO at Madigan, went to school at Walter R. about 7 years ago. She told us, back then, that there was a plan to close it and merge into Bethesda due to their newer (?) facilities. All I know is that the word was out 5-10 years ago around DC that this was going to happen… enough so that we heard about it.

  3. Mongo says:

    I wonder why it is the Army wouldn’t have closed WRMC temporarily for a raze/rebuild instead, given the number of Servicemen/women in the area requiring services. Seattle VA is very busy maintaining its work load, and I can just imagine what’s going on at Madigan; so much fallout from OIF/OEF.

    BTW, a second cousin, Jennifer Brown Muldoon, served her internship at Madigan some years ago. She’s out now and living in MD, but they may have crossed paths.

  4. PeterGunn says:

    They may have… our daughter was there for a VERY intensive medical technology training; she became a lab manager before the recruited her for her current post. She’ll be a Husky this fall, and the next two years as the Army has her getting a MA in Hospital Administration.
    Don’t why they didn’t renovate rather than raze… perhaps Obama wants that large property for his own monument!
    We have a second daughter who was in the Army Signal Corps for 5 years after ROTC (which they both did), serving in S.Korea and Baghdad. She saved her sheckles and paid her way to a Dr. of Physical Therapy a year ago at UPS in Tacoma. Not such a great deal until you hear her goal: She said, “I want to help our soldiers who are returning w/PTSD and other injuries!” She’s now LIVING HER GOAL, working at the Seattle VA Hospital as a civilian.
    We are SUPER PROUD parents… and these two are just half of our four!!!

  5. This jointness thing is not going to serve us well. All too often it doesn’t save money.

    I understand that the Walter Reed name is too be retained for the new combined med center.

  6. Justthisguy says:

    It is annoying that you people discuss this in such a serious way, as if there were anything we could do about it. Y’all should do as I did, and recount stories, even second-hand, from the glory days of Walter Wonderful.

  7. PeterGunn says:

    Perhaps you are just as “annoying” to us, JTG. Certainly you should know better than to address us as “you people”, or are you trying to get into Mongo’s “page 3” as you did over at Lex’s place?

    While I’m trying to remember my “Glory Days”, the only time I’ve ever been addressed as “you people” prior to this was by a Marine drill instructor@ AOCS. So… here’s a “second-hand” story from back then:

    “What’s that fly doing in my coffee?”

    “It looks like the back-stroke, sir!”

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