The one where I’m having fun with a new business venture

So, last week I’m poking around Craig’s List in search of a better way to putting cheerios on the table. The present, but soon to be former, way not doing it for me as advertised, mostly due to piss poor marketing and short-sighted, bean counting, management who doesn’t know enough to keep the real money makers making them book. If you get what I mean. Bean counters always figure someone else is to blame, because they got their beans counted correctly. Zero risk in having the numbers right.

So, anyway, for the last cuppla solar cycles yours truly has been doing the W-2 thing whilst in search of a better gordian knot to sell. (They keep people entertained. That’s why.) Network marketing is, and always will be, a good way to make money, just so long as the process is simple and repeatable by the masses and the product is worth a damn. If there’s only one product to market, that’s even better. Some will protest to the contrary, but it’s a free country.

Back to last week’s Craig’s List, and an ad I found. I go to this site, watch some videos, and I find myself intrigued by this company that’s rolling fifty percent of its revenue back to the shareholders as compensation . Hmm. Okay, that’s different. The product? Looks good, but I’ll give a more descriptive review later. The marketing? Simple. The compensation plan? Simple, if you actually do something, and over time the money gets good. No meetings. No quarterly conferences to attend, where somebody feels like you need head-banger rah rah music pounding on your brain.

I sent out a mass mailing this weekend, got some responses, and I’m encouraged to be talking to people so soon. I sent them to this website, asked them to look over what was there, and to get back to me if they liked what they saw. Tag. Your turn. Click on this link to the website. Poke around a bit. Let me know what you think. Oh, and click on the “Put me on a Waiting List” button. Doing it costs nothing. We’ll talk.



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