Happy Independence Day!

I really think I gotta get out of the house. You know, breakfast at McDonald’s, putter about town (such as it is), enjoy the sunshine, and, finally, meander on over to the fairgrounds for this evening’s fireworks. They do that here, you know, in lovely semi-rural Monroe, WA, the town that’s all dressed up with nowhere to grow. I might even shave.

Oh wait, I did that yesterday before church. Scratch that.

I’m in a part of Washington where our town is the town people pass through when escaping their town to get out of town to where there are no towns. US 2 is its name, and from Everett it’s, literally, nothing but a 2 lane headed for somewhere, and, believe me, there are a lot of folks headed to somewhere. I wish them well and safe journey…in all the traffic. I really need to get back to aviating about. So much easier.

Anyway, this makes, what, 235 years? Man, where has the time gone? I remember being in Hawaii for the Bi-centennial, which, for those who care, was spent celebrating in Waikiki and Fort DeRussy. It was all of a good time and we remember arriving back at Kaneohe having expended ourselves delightfully. Yes, it was all of that.

I remember that a day like today came not easily into existence. There was much blood letting and thrashing about, stuff we mostly read about in books or see an artist’s portrayal of. For those of this era it is good to be mindful of those still engaged in the cause of freedom, and to be grateful that we are still free and the most exceptional nation on earth.

It’s in our genes, this ‘exceptional’ thing. We do it because that’s what we’re born and bred to do. Our generational fathers and mothers honed the urge through peace and war, through prosperity and poverty, through triumph and tragedy, leaving imprinted in this grateful soul an undying desire to be exceptional. Screw mediocrity! Screw depressed and downtrodden! Screw being told we all need to lower ourselves to the lowest common denominator! What utter nonsense!

So, today, if we’re going to go out and celebrate independence, let’s celebrate it in an exceptional way. Let’s make our forebears exceptionally proud, and do it in whatever exceptional manner you choose. Happy Independence Day, America!


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3 Responses to Happy Independence Day!

  1. PeterGunn says:

    Glad to see you call the day by its rightful name: Independence Day. Obviously, you would do that, but I’m just happy to see it in print somewhere, anywhere.

    It’s an old trick question: Does Canada, England, Mexico (insert any country’s name) have a 4th of July?

    Of course the answer is YES; It comes between July 3rd and July 5th!!!

  2. PeterGunn says:

    As long as I’m here, I’d like to ask a question: how do you post a “link” without posting the entire website address? That is, how do you post the link and “highlight” just one word or a phrase?

    Can you give me the instructions? Please post it here or even better, send it to me @ pmmolney@aol.com.


  3. Justthisguy says:

    Fuck Yeah, American Exceptionalism! We really are the last best hope, but I am feeling some chills and fever about how well we are keeping it up.

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