Should she or shouldn’t she?

I must have visited a website somewhere along the way and given some kind of indication that I’d like to receive more near useless e-mail in my inbox, because one came today with the Subject: “Napolitano Must Resign”. For me the question of whether or not has long since ceased to have any real value, mostly because we’re too far along in this Administration’s term to experience any real change in how the Homeland Security Department functions. Granted, Madam Incompetano is philosophically and politically tainted. Granted, her agenda appears to hinder efforts to rein in the runaway immigration freight train along our border States. Granted, she doesn’t appear to be the least bit inclined to enhance our national security with improved protocols or strengthened forces. Indeed, her actions of late seem designed to accomplish just the opposite.

(Sidebar: Don’t run Microsoft updates with video card modules whilst writing a blog post. It’ll wreak havoc on the visual perception of that which you right write. Trust me.)

Along with Madam she-who-used-to-be-Governor-of-Arizona, there’s talk about Timmy Giethner being a tax cheat and unworthy to guard the Treasury, Eric Holder being a legal schmuck who’s in bed with hoodlums, and an in-the-closet Lesbian Secretary of State who does little more than parrot whatever Hizzoner WunWhoWon has to say to the world. I suppose enough energy could be generated to jackhammer such information into the hearts of all America, and perhaps with some justification, but, at this stage, what the hell’s the point? Even if the House decided to act, there’s still Harry Reid and the Senate.

By the way, the reader will be oh so glad I chose to forego Margaritas earlier in the afternoon. Really, really glad. To the contrary, we’d have to excuse the women, children, and faint of heart from the verbal barrage I’d have released. Oh, and let’s not forget the odd Socialist (Liberal, to the uninitiated). As it is, we’re good.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, assholes and idiots in the Administration. Sorry. I get distracted sometimes. JTG thinks Aspies have more fun. Nah, ADD is way more fun.

So, back to it. We’re down to a year and five months before we see just what the American public is made of these days. It seems to me the folks looking to make things right otter be expending resources on overwhelmingly convincing the sheeple of who just ought to be the new Liar In Chief; about all it amounts to, I suppose. The current LIC is good at playing the victim, the racially persecuted, and the guy left with a bag of spoiled fruit from he who went before. He knows how to work it.

Why is this important? Well, it’s important because any attempts to remove members of hizzoner’s Cabinet afore their time will result in his using them to blame those damnable heffalump lovers, the GOP, for sabotaging his first term. “Let me be clear! We laid out a framework! We made the effort! And all THEY could do was attempt to disrupt MY efforts and obstruct the members of MY Cabinet from doing their jobs! So, you see, America, that’s why you need to reelect me. Not because I’m any good at doing what I say I’ll do, y’all, but because THEY persecuted ME.”

He’s good at doing persecuted. And nothing else. Except be a serial liar. But that’s another post.

Best course of action? Forget the incompetents, the tax cheats, and the legal hoodlums. Focus on who to elect. Stay on point with the 2012 election. Overlook the peccadilloes and remained determined that whoever gets elected next time around,  it cannot be the same idiot as the last time. Which, at this point, for lack of a viable contender with any credibility, is gonna be a bitch. Barring the appearance of a strong GOP candidate, any reader of this blog stands a better chance of winning agin the standing hooligan. Yup, me included. Which, for those who know me personally, that’s saying something.

Okay. I’ve had fun. Your turn. Or not. Just stay away from the Red Rose, or you might be here awhile. I know I was. Livingston, I believe it called itself. 🙂


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2 Responses to Should she or shouldn’t she?

  1. Justthisguy says:

    Hey! I resemble that remark! That aside, I concur with all you wrote. I am so (please excuse the Army Creole) goddamned dogfucking tired of having to vote for the lesser goddamned fucking evil in every election, at least for President, in the last twenty years or so.

    At least I helped insert Marco Rubio into the Senate, and Mr. Scott into the Governor’s office. Scott’s opponent was peculiarly odious, having both an F rating from the NRA and an endorsement from organized FL LEOs.

  2. Mongo says:

    The lesser of evils seems to be what we’re plagued with, until one of us builds a war chest sufficient to go against these self-serving hellions.

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