Aw, now isn’t this cool? I could see me doing this…

…and my parents giving me the whooping of my young life afterwards! Over in the motherland, a Toddler makes a solo bus trip from Montgomery to Shrewsbury. 

Kudos to the young stud, him being all of two and a half years old, for a trip that I hope he thoroughly enjoyed! Oh yeah, I can see me doing this, standing in the seat the whole way (okay, perhaps kneeling so as not to piss off the driver), looking out the window at all the lovely sites, chatting it up with the adults, and having a grand old time.

As one might expect there’s a grand investigation being conducted well after the horse has left the barn, all for to point fingers and punish the wicked. Geez. This wasn’t downtown Chicago, y’all. So give it a rest. Junior’s fine, and he had a good time!


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One Response to Aw, now isn’t this cool? I could see me doing this…

  1. Quartermaster says:

    When I was 4 and my next younger brother was 3, and we were living in Germany, we couldn’t find our mother so we decided to walk to Sembach AFB (about 20 miles away) and get our father. We were on the edge of the village on the main road when my father drove up on the way home. He stopped and asked us where we were going and, being the ring leader in this operation, I told him what we were doing. He told us to get in and he took us home. Mom was in the kitchen and my father told her where he found us. She gasped and then my father came out of the kitchen, removed his web belt and proceeded to give both us of a serious hiding.

    I hesitate to think what he would have done to me if I’d taken a bus ride like that.

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