‘Stubby’ Weiner is now jobless

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the ‘Stubby’ thing. Having spent so much of life in an environment where callsigns are born of creative thought, it only seemed right to go there. I know, it ranks really low on the creative scale, but my give-a-damn’s busted with guys like him.

Was now former Congressman Weiner, who resigned today after being sexually compromised two weeks ago in a stupid moment, reckless in thinking he could e-mail a lewd photo of himself without it coming to the public’s attention? Or, was he sub-consciously engineering a situation where resignation would be unavoidable? In today’s society, public figures can’t scratch their backside without it becoming a topic of public conversation. So, what gives?

Since the Republicans took control of the House in January, Stubby and the Demoncrats have pretty much lost their ability to grandstand their Socialist policies before America and become famous. Well, now Stubby is famous…and out of work. Maybe there’s a movie or book in there somewhere, “How to d!ck up a Congressional career in one foolish moment”, but I’m guessing he’ll never clear publishing costs with it.

That’s about as much thought as I want to expend on the guy. The dufus is done, and we’re the better for it.

One last thought there, Stubby.

Here’s your sign.


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2 Responses to ‘Stubby’ Weiner is now jobless

  1. Quartermaster says:

    I’m surprised you want to bring it up at all.

    I liked the wag over at Lex’s place that said Weiner was going to run for Prez and asked Holder to be his running mate. The bumper sticker would take a bit of brain bleach to get rid of that image though.

  2. Justthisguy says:

    Yah, I saw that, too. The only better one I have ever read was in one of Florence King’s books, when she giggled at a wedding announcement which mentioned a Mrs. Ball Holder.
    Hey, it’s unlikely I’ll ever get laid again, so there’s no downside to being a smartass when it comes to teh wimminz.

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