Feeding the puppy

I knew going in that feeding the puppy would require some actual, you know, responsibility. I mean, after all, who is going to let a puppy starve? So, with that in mind, what shall I feed the puppy today? (If you’re wondering the puppy’s name, you’ll have to ask Quartermaster. He coined it.)  😉

To start off with, Steeljaw Scribe posted a really fine article about the commemoration of the Battle of Midway, which, after reading it, left me to ask, as many have before, where do we get men such as these? In church today we discussed for a bit “What manner of men ought ye to be?”. The discussion naturally centered on Christ and how we ought to become more like him, which is as it should be. I couldn’t help, however, thinking about the men who fought at the Battle of Midway, and how, as a child, I grew up admiring such men. As a child these were men who I saw as exemplars of Christ. Learning from them I wanted to emulate their courage and determination, and from their integrity and character there was instilled in me a sense of being. These were men whom I could trust, and could count on to give it to me straight. They didn’t walk on water, and would laugh if you even intimated as much, but they were good and decent men made wise through their experiences. I loved being around them, and now I feel their absence keenly. We have history books, pictures, and memories of conversations, but they’re still…gone.

That was a large part of my morning, and it was a good one.

As the day progressed I took advantage of the day of rest admonition and took a nap, from which I awoke refreshed and my mind working on some ideas. This past week has been one of some disappointment, having concluded that to pursue a particular business interest is perhaps not the best way to go. Several months of research and effort into what I consider a worthy project will now become a page in Mongo’s BTDT journal. So it was, with some air having been let out of the creative/mental/emotional balloon, that other things started popping into place as possibilities. (Note: I’m purposely being vague here, as there are non-disclosure issues in play.) I guess where I’m going is that sometimes we have to let go of one thing, before the mind’s creative power will turn to other, more worthwhile pursuits. I feel good about letting go, and more so about the new pursuit. You already know this, but it’s always more about the journey than the arrival.

So, having now fed the puppy and put water in his bowl, I’ll say “See ya!”

Til next time. Which ought to be soon, given puppy’s voracious appetite. 🙂


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One Response to Feeding the puppy

  1. Quartermaster says:

    To anticipate the request, the Puppy’s name is “Mongo Blog Talk.” He is a particularly hungry little fella, as most such things go.

    Seriously, I thought about a blog on current events and theology, mostly as a way to solidify some things in my own mind. I set it aside as it would take time I don’t have at the moment, no matter the good it might do me. I’ll be glad to snipe at you, however. 🙂

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