Getting in a little OT

Working overtime in the military has always been something of an oxymoron for Service members, principally because it’s not ‘overtime’ in the classic sense. ‘Day on, stay on’ is a well known attribute of the military work system, and twelve to eighteen hours days tend to be de rigueur while deployed. The irony exists in that there is no extra pay. That’s right,  warfighter fans. No.Overtime.Pay. Your favorite Squid, Doggie, Gyrene, Zoomie, and Coastie work all those extra hours for free.

Or, as an alternative view, one might say that, past forty hours, Service members work for a diminishing hourly rate…kinda like your corporate salaried type. Only it really begins to suck when the dollar amount per hour gets looked at closely, which any sorry ass Congress Critter would give anything to have you NOT DO. Especially when their salaries and raises keep going up at an embarrassing rate. Anyway, that’s not what this post is about. Not really.

Moving closer to the real reason for this post, it seems deployments are also going into overtime. Like any of the aforementioned warfighters are surprised. Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups, for example, have been extended (gone into overtime) on deployment since Noah was a Seaman Deuce. Sometimes an international squabble breaks out, and the National Command Authority sends the outbound Battle Group thither instead of yon. At other times, the replacement Aircraft Carrier develops a problem and can’t make it for the scheduled turnover. Anyone familiar with USS RANGER knows that story, which, not to pick on DANGER RANGER, had a history of arriving late to the party. Again, it’s not really the point of this post to pick on USS RANGER…but I couldn’t help myself. 😛

Now to the real point of this post, which is that we have a National Guard deployment being extended. Any guesses as to where they’re located?

Iraq? Nope.

Afghanistan? Nuh uh.

You give?

Try Arizona.

Yup, Arizona.

Remember how not so long ago twelve hundred NG folks were sent to secure the southern border, but were then pulled back so as not to interfere with federal agents securing the border? Don’t try and figure it out, because it’ll only piss you off. Seems there were issues with their not having powers of arrest, so they were sent out to man observation outposts. “Look about and tell us what you see!” Most Americans who were paying attention thought it an incredible waste of time and money.

Here’s the rub. They just got extended…after some had already packed it up at the end of the scheduled deployment and gone home.

GRANJENO, Texas (AP) — The Obama Administration is extending a one year, 1,200 troop deployment on the border set to expire June 30 by at least three months, after lawmakers in Arizona and Texas pressed for better security.

Department of Homeland Security spokesman Matthew Chandler says the president is asking Congress to reprogram $30 million to keep the National Guard in place at least through September.

Anticipating the end of their deployment, some units had already started moving out, said Matthew Benson, a spokesman for Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who has repeatedly asked the Administration for more law enforcement along the border. Now it appears those soldiers will be moving back.

Somebody help me out here. We have how many deployment ready National Guard units throughout the country? Yet, this unit gets to work overtime? Hours and hours spent watching the lovely, exciting desert. Day after day consuming gourmet meals, sleeping in comfortable beds, and enjoying the special benefits bestowed upon all such as are away from home. Get the picture?

To make matters worse, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s office asks for more “Law Enforcement”, which the military isn’t by any stretch of the definition, but, instead, gets to keep an already ham-strung non-law enforcement force. I don’t know. Maybe somebody couldn’t type worth a damn, and totally screwed up the written request.  I could accept that for an excuse. I’m having a hard time accepting that leadership in the Federal government could be so.frickin.clueless.

“Mongo, you just explained the situation.”

Yeah, I know. But really…

I guess cutting the Defense budget isn’t the only way to motivate people to get out of the military, but this just seems downright cruel.


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One Response to Getting in a little OT

  1. Quartermaster says:

    Send the Coasties, they’re cops and can arrest people.

    It never made sense to me to send the NG and then tell them they can’t detain people. For Pete’s sake, we are being invaded and they don’t need powers of arrest in the civvie sense of the word. They have the right to detain anyone that appears to have crossed the border. Sending them to just “look” is a waste of time and money. If you put out the word that the troops are armed and have live ammo and may use deadly force on anyone ordered to stop and does not, then much of the invasion will end. If the rogue Messican troops hired by the druggies decide to test the troops, then a few Apaches on call for the resulting firefights will end that bit of fun and games as well.

    The problem lacks not a solution. The solution only lacks a will to implement. If they aren’t going to implement the solution, then send ’em home to their families.

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