The obligatory Memorial Day post…

…which isn’t feeling like that at all. When you poke around the blogs and sites first thing in the morning, as I did today, you can’t help come away with an undying love for those whose lives were sacrificed.

Articles were written, names were mentioned, and stories told, but none of it makes much difference to me, really, when taken in the larger context of the nation. These United States of America. Memorial Day is, for me, the day we give thanks for what is our real national pasttime…sacrificing for and serving the greater good. Sounds kinda weird in that light, doesn’t it?

Sure, we celebrate Independence Day on July Fourth, but Memorial Day is the one set aside for remembering sacrifice and service. Not just the sacrifice and service of one or a few individuals, which are not nothing or inconsequential, but of a nation of people who have sacrificed and given service from our humble beginnings. We remember that we might not forget, and in forgetting lose something precious to us. Sacrifice and service refine us, they knock the rough edges off of our character, and, in the end, yield a better product.

Let us remember, and, in our remembrance, renew a covenant within to continue sacrifice and service. When you thank a Veteran or Service member, thank yourself also. You’re a part of this great nation, and, however you serve, you deserve some credit too.

My thanks to all who have served, and who continue to serve. This Memorial Day is for you!

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